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gh-6688 massage chair

3D SL-Track Classic Edition

Classic massage chair with HiFi Bluetooth sound and smart body detection for precise relaxation every time. Durable construction and easy-clean leather for effortless maintenance.

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We commit to promptly addressing your needs within 12 hours of your inquiry, ensuring timely and efficient service.

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We proactively monitor your requirements and offer tailored massage chair assemblies and parts, along with exclusive transportation services tailored to your distinct needs.

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Our after-sales service is limitlessly extended; once you receive product, our considerate support stays with you. We offer installation guidance, warranty services, regular follow-ups, part replacements, and return or exchange services.



Experience the bliss of a high-tech massage chair




2024 3D Luxury Massage Chair with High-SL Technology, Black Leg Extension, and Zero-Gravity

1.Upgraded Armrest Buttons
With a strong sense of technology, the buttons are easy to understand, and the operation is convenient and easy to learn and use .
2.Make Every Massage Warm
Carbon fibre heating for waist, fast heating, long-lasting warmth that. Let you relax from the outside to the inside and say goodbye to tiredness.
3.Flexible Movement
Upgraded intelligent movement adapts to various weights, contours to neck and back, and mimics human touch for a comfortable, all-encompassing massage.
4.Extra Long 124cm SL Track
Designed according to the human body curve. Adopting SL track with a total length of 124cm.Pressing all the way from the neck to the hips。Let you feel the whole body and mind relax.
5.Zero Gravity Experience
Experience zero-gravity relaxation with adjustable leg support, evenly distributing body weight for reduced spinal and joint pressure, ensuring a soothing comfort.

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Professional Massage Chair Manufacturer,14 Years Experience in Massage Chair.We have a wealth of massage chair, and can also provide ODM/OEM and engineering projects according to customer requirements.

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We will synchronize the production progress of the order tothe customer,so that the customer can know the production status of the order at any time.
1.We can accept Factory Audit requirements from third partiesor customers.
2.We can accept Order Inspection requirements from third parties or customers.
3.In-depth technical cooperation, Project research and development is welcome.
4.Provide costeffective transportation channels (customers can choose their own shipping forwarders).

Laser, Embroidery, and Stamping Logo Customization Available.

We Offer Customization Services Including:User Manual、Remote Control Sticker、Carton Design

Includes Standard Plug Customizatio–ns for CN, UK, US, EU, AU, and More

Leather Customization Options Include:Litchi Grain、Elephant Texture、Weave Texture、Cowboy Texture、Ground Sandy Texture、Delicate Texture

Not just screen language settings, smart voice functions can also be tailored to your preferences.

From heart rate monitoring to USB charging ports and personalized LED lighting, customize exactly where and how you want these features to enhance your experience

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