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With 14 years of experience, we've tackled industry challenges and gained valuable market insights. Choose us for proven expertise

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For 14 years, no matter how the market shifts, we've always prioritized quality above all else

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Developing Your Brand

Why can't many factories guarantee customized massage chairs according to your requirements and deliver them on time? Why do quality issues arise with massage chairs?



Manager with 6 years of experience, providing market advice and identifying needs


Engineer Matching

Engineer direct interface to ensure massage chair functionality and design meets expectations


Effective delivery

Delivering samples on time and ensuring that production is completed within the specified timeframe


Lifetime Service

Professional after-sales service team to ensure that your massage chair can be maintained in good condition for a long time

our locations

We are located in the largest and most comprehensive massage chair R&D and production base in China - Fu'an, Fujian. As a leading manufacturer in the area, we warmly welcome all partners interested in the massage chair industry to visit our factory and share your valuable feedback
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Converting Ideas Into Reality

Communicate your ideas with our sales and engineers and get a sketch of your plan With a draft drawing we turn your ideas into reality, within 7 days.
You will work with experienced and certified English-speaking staff. With over 30 English speakers and 15 skilled mould engineers (including fluent English speakers) in our team, we guarantee seamless communication and expert guidance through a professional manufacturing process.

Before After


overall brand look or logo

Provide unique appearance design according to your brand image and market demand, we will provide you with your country's hot models as reference.

Functional Configuration

Customised functional configurations, starting with the language and configured for your needs to ensure competitiveness in the marketplace

Packaging Solution

Provide diversified packaging designs to ensure the safety and aesthetics of products during transport and display


autodrive services

Before each massage chair is shipped Production responsibility: testing function appearance Packaging Inspector again: Inspection Function Appearance Packaging
Producing an average of 800 massage chairs per day with the latest manufacturing technology, the latest six assembly lines.
We have about 200 stable employees and six assembly lines. On-time delivery without affecting your sales programme
Our packaging is designed to ensure the safety of the massage chair during transport, effectively avoiding potential risks

what people say!

Let's hear what our partners have to say.
I am compelled to write this review with immense disappointment due to the serious disruption to my business plan caused by the logistics company's mistake. Its scheduling error resulted in the container not departing on time, leading to a delay in the arrival of the goods, which put me in a passive and uncertain state
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Pierre Dupont


“I am very pleased with Kokhang Manufacturers. I am purchasing a commercial chair, and before I met Guoheng, it was very tedious to communicate with the previous company about the product, but the communication with Guoheng is especially smooth, and every time I have a new customisation need, they can respond quickly and provide a solution.
Peter Harvey


The customisation service from Kokhang Manufacturers has really helped me. I need massage chairs with different styles and features and they always meet my needs. Their R&D team is especially professional and always designs products that satisfy their customers. They make me feel very solid and they are a great support for my business success!
Alice Davis


I entrusted the transportation of my valuable massage chair containers to the logistics company, expecting a safe and reliable delivery. Unfortunately, one of the chairs arrived with obvious damage, which was a great shock to me and my team
Michael Johnson


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