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about autodrive

We have been specialising in the manufacture of massage chairs for 14 years now. During this time, we have experienced countless difficulties and dangers, and gradually developed from a small factory to an industry leader.



At the beginning stage in 2010, we were just a small factory producing simple massage chairs. However, the reality was cruel, our products were not welcomed by the market. Faced with the cold reception of the market and pressure from all sides, we realised that we had to make a breakthrough in technology and quality in order to gain a foothold in the highly competitive market.


How do we go about it?

put one's all into the fight

1.The factory took out a mortgage of $1 million to introduce the most advanced assembly line equipment at the time 2.Sent many engineers to Japan to learn the most advanced massage chair structure and technology.

Focus on quality and personalised needs

1.Every massage chair shipped from our factory undergoes several strict testing processes to ensure its durability and stability 2.We offer a wide range of customisation services, including colour, logo, control panel, etc., to meet the needs of different customers.

Gaining customer trust

The purchasing manager of a large enterprise chose our massage chairs and became our long-term partner, this cooperation not only enhances our market recognition!


What we are now

From a small workshop of 200 square metres in 14 years to a modern production plant of 2,000 square metres
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